~ Yuntenia ~



Up above, the clouds embrace our lands in their warmth.
The sun's, well, you don't see that from these chasms...
But what does it matter, if we all have each other?
Just don't leave your back in the open
all that often.

The primest of all divisions, our very own Gallows Pass!
If you're going between North and South, you'd better ask.
Up and down!
Our job is to take you to and fro, all healthy and safe;
if you were to die, that would be our mistake...

But, hypothetically speaking, that would never happen,
and, realistically speaking, that's not on my lap, then.
You see, the boss is my brother, and I'm just here as a bother.
Because I was curious...

So let's sit together and have a talk!
You can do the cooking; I'll handle the chalk.
Oh yes, we must soon set up the magic spell,
otherwise they'll come take us to Hell...

Or at least that's where I think they come from...
It's not exactly a science here. Have some faith in your bone!
But oh well!— everything has been fine so far
and if they come through, they'll take home some scars.

You're not from here, are you?
I can tell from your eyes. Your hair, too.
Look, I don't care if you can speak my tongue,
I know something's up with a spine so long.

Don't worry, I'm not one for ripping off—
—my head is too small. My heart, too soft.
And I love you travelers for your love of this land,
though I've seen none of the ones you command...

Fairies? Come on, you will never find one.
Well, they do say through our blood they live on!
And sometimes I do wish that I could fly
for longer,
in case, maybe, Our Patron lives in the sky...